We’re sorry to see you go!

Fill out the form below to begin your cancellation process. You will be contacted by a BAI Connect Sales Representative to finalize your cancellation.


Will my services be prorated or will I get a full refund?

No, it is BAI Connect’s policy to not prorate cancelled services. For example if you cancel services on September 15th, you will not be refunded for the remainder of September.

When will I receive a phone call?

You should be receiving a callback within 1-5 business days. If you would like to contact us beforehand feel free to call us at (818) 449-2626.

Do I contact you to cancel my DIRECTV service?

Yes, you will need to initially contact BAI Connect to cancel DIRECTV services. However, you will also need to contact DIRECTV as BAI Connect does not bill you for this service.