The Ultimate Amenity

We own our own state-of-the-art network which allows us to deliver a higher quality, more reliable high-speed connection  for residents all times of day and night. Get the best in apartment wifi and internet for your property.

Gigabit Infrastructure

Strong, reliable gigabit infrastructure provides connectivity for now and the future.

Fast Symmetrical Speeds

Our speeds are lightning fast. Our team will you going at the highest internet speeds available.

Direct Peering

We direct peer with many like platforms Netflix and Amazon to ensure content always loads quickly.

Remote Activation

We provide remote activation when available and short window installation appointments.

Low Latency

Our latency is less than 5 milliseconds!

A la Carte & Bulk Contracts are available for all services.

How Does Rover Work?

Rover is more than just Managed Wi-Fi. It’s a turnkey solution for developers looking to provide the most efficient future-forward Wi-Fi solution to their properties.

Meet Rover

Powered by BAI Connect, Rover is the Ultimate Managed Wi-Fi Solution.

Private "Follow-Me" Wi-Fi Network

With Rover, your personal  Wi-Fi network follows you everywhere – no reconnecting needed!​

Generate Ancillary Income

Enjoy additional revenue streams by offering Internet and Wi-Fi services to your residents as part of their rent.

Instant On Activation and Seamless Integration

With Rover, residents get “Instant on” Internet activation the moment they move in.

The Biggest Obstacle To Good Internet

What’s Wireless Interference and what risk does it pose to your property? Take a look at why you don’t want to wait until it’s too late.