Network Status: NORMAL.  

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ASUS hardware issue

ASUS routers are experiencing a problem that requires a firmware update. This issue is not specific to our network.

ASUS Public Notice regarding this issue: 


If you have an ASUS router, please take the following steps, which we have found to be the most successful for most people:

  1. Download the ASUS Router App: It is a helpful tool to configure the router and run updates after a hard reset. You can download the app in the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Factory reset the router: by holding down the WPS button for 15 seconds. The WPS button is on the back of the router

        3. Open the app and connect to router and go through the setup wizard to set up Network name and password.

        4. Update firmware using the app *please do not skip this step*

If the app prompts you for a PPPoE username and password, search for this info in your email; we likely provided it to you when you started service. If you need help getting your PPPoE username and password, you can reach out and we can provide this to you.


Affected Properties:




VoIP: Nothing to Report.

Power Outages:

Check Southern California Edison Outages
Check LADWP Outages

Planned Outages and Maintenance:


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