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MAC Address

How to Find your MAC Address – No matter what device, this interactive guide will help you find where your MAC Address is located.

Disable Remote MAC Address – If you live in one of our Rover Managed Wi-Fi buildings and your Wi-Fi stops working, following these steps could resolve your issue.

PPPoE Setup

PPPoE Setup Instructions – This guide describes the steps to take when your Internet service requires a PPPoE or ‘Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet’ setup.

General Help

Tech Tips & Tricks – This guide includes some common remedies when your Internet or Wi-Fi suddenly stop working.


DIRECTV Channel Guide – This link takes you straight to DIRECTV’s channel guide where you can compare the multiple packages they offer.

Remote Control Support – This link will take you to a page dedicated to remote control support.

If you are currently experiencing an issue with your BAI Connect Service, please fill out the form below to report a trouble ticket online. For immediate attention, or if your services are completely down, please call our local Technical Support team at 818-449-2626 anytime 24/7/365.