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POTS in a Box
It’s time to update your emergency lines with
POTS in a Box from BAI Connect

POTS Transformation Box

Our new POTS Transformation Box is a one-stop, cost effective solution to upgrade your legacy emergency lines to a modern digital connection. No matter the size of your business, our POTS Transformation Box will integrate your analog network with the digital world. That means you can continue to support all your existing services without needing to replace the entire system.

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About POTS in a Box


Voice • Fire alarms • Burglar alarms • Elevator • ATM • Fax • Point of sale • Emergency call boxes • Security gates • Door access boxes • Modem data • Analog lines • OOBM
















POTS stands for “Plain Old Telephone Services”. They’re the legacy copper network running through most buildings. They power phone lines, fire alarms, security systems, elevator emergency lines, and more. As our world goes digital, traditional carriers are no longer required to support these analog lines. They are growing increasingly costly and you need a solution for these critical business functions.

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With our POTS In a Box you’ll get:



Cost savings by converting legacy copper lines to a modern digital connection


Built-in network redundancy through BAI Connect internet with LTE backup


LTE connectivity from the carrier with the strongest signal for your location


Support for all your emergency lines, including voice, elevator, fire, security, and more


Power outage protection with battery backup for fail-over


Remote 24/7 monitoring and management


Compliance with all state, local, and federal regulations for emergency lines

All the features you need to upgrade your system

Get started for the all-in rate of $79.95/line no matter how many lines you need
– all equipment and installation included.*

*BAI Connect internet and 3 year term required. Contact us for additional information.